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Drop Your Drudgery: A Time-Saving Strategy

woman doing drudgery zone work
  • August 14, 2023

Is there something on your to-do list you absolutely HATE doing? So much so that you procrastinate on it because it just sucks away all your energy and motivation? 

Welcome to the DRUDGERY ZONE. I love this name because it fully embodies the emotional sludge and heaviness of some of the things we find ourselves needing to do. These are the tasks that we aren't any good at and we're not passionate about completing. But somehow they end up on our list.

The key to reclaiming our time lies in identifying these tasks that drain us and finding creative ways to kick them off our list, so we can free up valuable time to accomplish more meaningful tasks.

The Freedom Compass

Drudgery's More Attractive Friends

If you can imagine a matrix where one axis is your proficiency and the other is your passion, this is the Freedom Compass. This tool was created by Full Focus to help us identify where our tasks fall in terms of our passion to complete something and our proficiency to do so. 

By categorizing tasks into four distinct zones, namely desire, disinterest, drudgery, and distraction, we can gain clarity on how to allocate our time more effectively.

Freedom compass1) The Desire Zone

The desire zone is the pinnacle of the matrix, representing tasks that perfectly align with our passions and expertise. Engaging in these areas brings us immense satisfaction and allows us to showcase our skills. When we focus our energy on tasks within the desire zone, we unlock a sense of fulfillment and maximize our productivity.

2) The Disinterest Zone

The disinterest zone is where tasks reside that we excel at but lack passion for. These are the tasks that are often assigned to us because of our expertise and efficiency. While we may not enjoy these tasks, we typically power through and complete them quickly. Recognizing the disinterest zone allows us to explore alternative solutions, such as training someone else or delegating the work. This opens up valuable time for more meaningful pursuits.

3) The Distraction Zone

Tasks in the distraction zone are those that captivate our interest but still require improvement in terms of proficiency. While these tasks hold the potential to enhance our careers or personal growth, they can often divert our attention from more crucial areas. By recognizing the distraction zone, we empower ourselves to make conscious decisions about whether to pursue these tasks or prioritize other essentials.

4) The Drudgery Zone

The drudgery zone encompasses those tasks that lie outside our realm of proficiency and passion, causing us to dread and struggle when attempting to complete them. For example, individuals adept at social interactions may find number-crunching or financial tasks to be firmly situated within their drudgery zone. Recognizing and acknowledging these tasks is the initial step towards liberating ourselves from their burden, allowing us to reclaim our valuable time.

Dropping Your Drudgery and Reclaiming Time

To reclaim time by dropping your drudgery, it is crucial to take action and make deliberate choices. Here are some strategies to consider:

1) Elimination

Take a good, hard look at the tasks residing in your drudgery zone. Are they truly essential? Can they be completely eliminated from your workflow without any detrimental effects? By removing non-essential tasks from the drudgery zone, you will instantly unlock precious time that can be put towards more meaningful endeavors.

2) Automation

Discover possibilities to streamline and simplify monotonous or time-consuming tasks in the drudgery zone through the power of automation. Harness cutting-edge technology, AI tools, or software solutions that can revolutionize these processes and alleviate manual labor. By embracing automation, you can significantly reduce the time and effort invested in activities that fall outside your area of expertise.

3) Delegation

Consider delegating your drudgery zone tasks to others who are more proficient in those areas. If you have a team, identify those team members who can proficiently handle these tasks.  Alternatively, if you don't have a team, research hiring a virtual assistant or outsourcing the work to an external vendor. Delegating these tasks allows you to dedicate your time and energy to tasks within your desire zone, where your distinctive skills and unwavering passion truly shine.


By eliminating, automating, or delegating tasks from the drudgery zone, we can free up time for activities that truly matter to us. What one thing can you eliminate, automate, or delegate today to help you save time and instead spend it focusing on what brings you success and fulfillment? 

Based on Full Focus' Freedom Compass.

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