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Focus & Productivity Coaching

Increase Productivity. Improve Work-Life Balance.

Our 1:1 productivity coaching and group focus training programs help overcome overwhelm by providing the framework to get the right things done, accomplish your goals, and allow you to be present at home.

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Don't be held back by the 5 common obstacles to Goal Achievement

You no longer have to struggle with

  • Feeling embarrassed by dropped tasks or the perpetual sense of dread that you're forgetting something
  • Feeling directionless with a lack of personal or professional purpose
  • Running tirelessly on the hamster wheel never to make progress on a never-ending to-do list
  • Inescapable distractions that prevent you from making any meaningful progress
  • Dreams that seem to never get closer because you're handcuffed to your current reality.

Leveraging the Full Focus Goal Achievement System, we'll provide you with:

  • A central storehouse for tasks
  • Worthwhile goals
  • Clear priorities
  • Consistent accountability
  • Actionable plans to make progress.

This system has transformed thousands of individuals and teams. If you're ready for a change, it can work for you too.

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Helping You Create Focus & Balance

I loved my career as a marketing executive but had trouble balancing a fulfilling career with loving on my young family. I was exhausted and overwhelmed, staying up late to catch up and waking up early to get all the things done. If the guilt wasn't enough, my health suffered. I realized I couldn't show up as the mom my kids deserved or the passionate servant I wanted to be without making a change.

So I became obsessed with how to create a more focused, intentional, and balanced life. That's when I discovered the Full Focus System. Harnessing its power, I was able to get the right things done in less time so I could achieve my most important goals, and still shut off work to be present with my family.

This system was so life-changing that I became a Full Focus Certified Pro and now teach these concepts to individuals and teams. 

I believe that women shouldn't have to choose between showing up well for their families and having a fulfilling career. Paired with my work as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, my mission is to help other working moms who struggle with exhaustion and overwhelm restore their energy and focus on getting the right things done, so they can show up well for their families and their careers.

Full Focus Goal Achievement System

How It Works

3 Simple Steps to Focus & Productivity

Creating More Focus Is Easy

Schedule a Discovery Call

In a 30-minute discovery call, we'll talk about where you want your career and life to go and what focus and productivity hurdles are holding you back.

Implement the Full Focus System

I'll teach you how to leverage the tools of the Full Focus Planner to create a central task storehouse, worthwhile goals, clear priorities, consistent accountability, and actionable plans.

Transform Personally & Professionally

You'll experience a profound change in your productivity and focus, but your team will also realize reduced stress, improved morale, and greater profitability. 

You'll honor boundaries between work and life because of increased confidence and clarity in your highest priorities.

It's Hard Enough to Juggle All The Things.

You Don't Have To Do It Alone.

Juggling all of your commitments in life is hard enough. If only you could get more done in less time and be able to dedicate your limited resources to your highest priorities. So many working women are exhausted and overwhelmed and that's why most of us are burned out and health issues start to creep in.

You've hired a mechanic before to fix your car, maybe a trainer to help you into shape, or even a financial advisor. Why not hire a coach to help you increase productivity, so you can enhance your focus, crush your goals and be more present with your family? 

Working with me is simple. First, we plan a call in which I ask you several questions. Then, I teach you the Full Focus Goal Achievement System. Then, we'll customize an ongoing coaching plan to help you overcome any personal obstacles and enhance your focus to reduce stress, increase efficiency and profitability, and improve your work-life balance.

Without a coach, you might continue dropping tasks, feeling lost, being too busy and distracted, and not making progress on your most important goals. And you'll sacrifice your most valuable commodity: time. With a coach, you will leverage your time to get the right things done so you can crush your goals and create more space for your most important priorities.

Schedule your discovery call today and let's get started creating the focus and clarity you need to show up well for your family and your career.