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How Home Organization is Poisoning Your Calendar

  • April 10, 2024

Did you rush to organize your home spaces during the pandemic?

Shows like The Home Edit encouraged us to organize all of our things, since we were spending more time at home. The industry was valued at $12.2 billion in 2020 and is projected to increase 3.8% annually. That's a lot of money being made by helping us "CONTAIN".

While I love a great pantry organization before and after, this industry is focused on helping us fit everything we have into a space, rather than really asking if we need all of that to begin with.

Let me explain ....


I could buy a tiered riser for all my canned goods, or I could just throw out all the expired ones that have been sitting in there for a few years past their expiration date.

I could organize the toy room to the most extreme degree, or I could downsize the number of toys we keep in there. The kids get overwhelmed with all of those choices anyway.

So what does this have to do with your calendar? I'm glad you asked :)

Many productivity gurus and tips out there are focused on helping you get EVERYTHING DONE.

When you're seeking out this advice, you're likely asking, "How can I optimize every second of my day so I can do it all?

But this isn't the right question.

Instead, we should be asking, "What am I giving my time to that isn't serving my goals, myself or my core values?"

This question helps us identify what should be REMOVED or edited out of our schedules to make more space for what truly matters.

A color-coded calendar, while extremely satisfying just like that organized pantry, is really only helping us try to fit it all in.

Sometimes, it's like trying to shove 10 pounds of stuff in a 5-pound bag. There's just not enough space.

Removal, not organization, is what creates space and freedom.

RELENTLESS REMOVAL is a guided process I take my clients through. We scrutinize every commitment, every task and ask this question: "What am I giving my time to that isn't serving my goals, myself or my core values?"

Pareto's principle tells us it's really 20% of the work we do that produces 80% of our results. The same is true for our time.

So I beg each of us to ask this question. Take just a few minutes or do an entire calendar review.

"What am I giving my time to that isn't serving my goals, myself or my core values?"

Let's be more intentional about not spending our time but INVESTING it in the things that truly matter and move us forward.

Cheers to the freedom and relief you'll feel by removing, not just organizing.

I'm rooting for you!


PS - My clients get faster results and more free time! If you'd like that too, send me a message for a free session.

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