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Personalized Health Coaching for Women

The Healthiest You've Felt in Years

Don't let your health be a hurdle to your happiness. Our personalized coaching programs offer lab-driven recommendations and 1:1 coaching sessions to help you crush your health goals. Find your energy again and show up well for your family and your career.

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You're Here Because ...

  • You're disappointed that you're not meeting your health goals.
  • You're frustrated because you've already seen at least one practitioner, but they just treat symptoms and didn't get to the root cause of your problem.
  • You're exhausted by navigating the health problems that are keeping you from living your life.
  • You're defeated because you've tried a lot of things, but nothing has completely worked.
  • You're unhappy because there's still something missing from your natural health journey. 

We Believe You Deserve ...

If your bloodwork "looks normal", does that mean it's all in your head? NO!

But even "abnormal" lab values are not the problem. They're only a result of a real, underlying problem!

Treating symptoms or treating the lab values doesn't get to the root cause of why your symptoms started in the first place.


If you feel like you've tried everything, you're not alone. We are taught to go to the doctor when we think something's wrong. If it's not an acute situation, you're offered a pill or a referral to a specialist.

Maybe you've also tried: 

  • Specific therapies
  • Procedures to remove something or "fix" a symptom
  • Too many specialty and fad diets
  • Popular exercise programs
  • Supplements
  • More restrictive diets ...

... all without ever understanding the root cause of your health issue.

Our healthcare system is designed to treat the symptoms of the sick, but it's missing the mark on helping us become well and find health!

End the cycle of trial and error by using functional lab screenings to uncover the malfunctions of the body and identify healing opportunities.

No one is coming to save you. The healthcare system won't chase you down to make sure what they offered works. 

If you want to live your best life, you're in charge of advocating for another approach - one that will actually WORK FOR YOU. Functional health coaching can provide an alternate path, one that puts you in the driver's seat of your own healing journey.

We make accommodations for the unique needs of our car:  buying a certain headlight, filling it with a certain fuel, and buying a particular oil and filter. 

Our body is more unique and complex than a car, so why do we try to apply generic mainstream health advice? 

  • A healthy diet is like choosing the right fuel for your car to perform well. Yet, many people already eat whole healthy foods and still struggle.
  • While exercise is important, there are many "fit" people who still experience chronic health issues.

Personalized health coaching helps uncover your individual healing opportunities and provides a plan driven by your unique health history and lab-driven findings.

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Jenna Piche, FDN-P

I've Been Where You Are

I had never really struggled with my health. That was until after my second child was born. I started having diarrhea daily and feeling incredibly fatigued. 

Doctors told me everything was "normal" and I was healthy. "Eat more fiber. Try this antibiotic." All while I was monitoring every substance I put in my body wondering if this food would be the one that I could actually eat without incident. Or wondering how I could leave the house without knowing where all the bathrooms were en route to my destination. Or if I could eat anything at the gatherings I would go to without paying for it.

All I wanted was to have energy, keep up with my kids, and have a solid poop! I was young, active, and in my 30s. I should be able to control my bowels and figure out what to eat! I started losing too much weight and was scared I was only beginning a downward health spiral. It was honestly the least control I've ever felt over my health in my life, and I hated it. 

Then one day, a functional medicine podcast suggested that antibiotic use, food sensitivities, nutrition, hormone imbalances, and inflammation could cause diarrhea. Something sparked inside me. Restoring my health is my responsibility. I was determined to get to the bottom of why this was happening to me before my only option was invasive medical procedures and pharmaceuticals ridden with side effects.

Functional lab testing helped me identify the root causes of my gut dysfunction, inflammation, and fatigue. By applying the concepts of functional diagnostic nutrition, my healing accelerated. Now, I feel healthier than I have in years and am confident in how to keep my family healthy.

As a certified functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, I help women overcome fatigue, digestion, and other chronic health issues to show up as their best selves for their families, their careers, and their life adventures.

3 Simple Steps to

Reclaim Your Health Naturally

My mission is to help you reduce your health challenges, reclaim your energy, and get you back to loving life with your family, career, and adventures.


Schedule a Discovery Call




Implement Your Personalized Health Plan


Feel Healthier Than You Have in Years

Individualized Health Guidance

How First Light Essentials Works

Extensive Health History Taking

Like a diamond, there are so many facets to your life and your health. First, you will complete an extensive health history outlining symptoms, conditions, current habits, diet, stress, sleep patterns, and so much more. This breadth of data helps us create a clear picture of all aspects that could be impacting your current health situation.

Step 1 health history taking

Functional Lab Screenings

Our motto is to test, not guess. We run a foundational set of functional lab screenings to identify malfunctions and uncover healing opportunities in these systems:

  • Hormone
  • Immune
  • Digestion
  • Detoxification
  • Energy
  • Nervous
Step 2 lab testing

Apply D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success Recommendations

Based on your history and lab findings, we'll share a personalized holistic health protocol to address all healing opportunities at once. 

We'll guide your journey with the proven systems and education you need to restore and maintain your health, including best practices in diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, and supplementation.

DRESS for health success recommendations photo

Biweekly Progress Check-Ins

We'll check in every other week on your progress, provide additional education and tools for your health journey, offer accountability on your next steps, and answer the questions you have to overcome the inevitable hurdles that come up in your personal journey. We ride alongside you as you make these lifestyle changes to help you find the most sustainable way to incorporate them into your life for long-term health.

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Your Healthiest Future

Leverage Your ToolKit for Life

As you restore function to your body's systems, you'll find strength and confidence in your healing journey.

With a new set of healthy lifestyle tools, you can leverage this system for lifelong health. You'll have the blueprint you need to manage your own health.

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Opt-in to the Self-Care, Not Sick Care Model

You Want Help So You Can Help Yourself

You're not finding the answers, tools, or methods you need to find out what's wrong or build health.
You want a partner who doesn't just treat your symptoms but investigates the root cause of your issue.
You're committed to healing, but you need a system you can be confident in and see results.

Our holistic approach has helped thousands of women overcome their health challenges and create the life they've been dreaming of.



Jennifer Testimonial image

Entrepreneur & Mother of 3


"Working with Jenna is a pleasure. She is extremely knowledgeable and delivers information in such a basic and understandable manner. She makes you feel secure and taken care of when she is establishing a plan of action for you- because she really cares. She will meet you where you are, guide you in the right direction for your particular needs, and thoroughly support you. She is extremely dependable, professional, skilled, and passionate about helping others. I am grateful to have Jenna’s care and guidance on my journey."

Leia Testimonial image

Business Professional & Athlete


"I suffered from abdominal pain, bloating, and all-around fatigue for about a year before I sought out help. Jenna recommended a specific diet, supplements and had tips to help with general well-being.  After 4 months of working with her, I am finally pain and bloat-free.  My energy levels are back to where they should be and I am happy!"

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Individualized Health Guidance

How First Light Essentials Works

  • Extensive health history taking and clarity session
  • 2 to 6 recommended functional lab screenings
  • 90-minute results and recommendations session (s)
  • 5+ 45-minute health coaching, education, and accountability sessions
  • Between session email check-ins
  • Secure messaging for Q&A and on-demand support
  • Encouragement and accountability to accomplish your health goals
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Not ready to chat? 

Start your journey by upgrading your morning routine!

Get the step-by-step guide to creating a morning routine to help you set the foundation for a healthy, joyful, focused, productive, and energetic day!