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Helping You Be More Productive at Work

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Provide the productivity training your people crave while helping them make progress toward your most important work. With two decades of marketing and operations experience and a passion for helping professional women achieve their most important goals, Jenna is the perfect choice to speak at your next event. 

Speaking Topics

5 Strategies to Save 10 Hours a Week

Are you fed up with the overwhelming stress of constantly being pulled in a million different directions? Join Jenna as she shares firsthand lessons, practical tools, and valuable insights on overcoming the never-ending to-do list, getting more of the right things done in less time, and crushing your goals to achieve fulfillment in both your career and your life.


1) Practical steps you can apply to get your work done, prioritize what is important, and deal with an over-inflated to-do list.

2) Identify the factors that hinder your ability to control your time and take charge of your work and your life.

3) Find out how to break free from the 'Hustle Fallacy' and design career and life fulfillment without sacrificing your family or your health.

5 Reasons You’re Not Hitting Goals and How To Overcome Them

Failing to achieve your goals can be a disheartening experience. Join Jenna Piche of First Light Health and Focus Coaching as she identifies the top five hurdles people face when trying to achieve their goals. She will offer practical strategies to help you overcome these obstacles and help you get back on track so you can achieve your goals with greater confidence and ease.

You’ll leave this event with tangible tips you can implement immediately to start getting the right things done and making traction toward your most important goals.

4 Routines to Create More Focus, Productivity, and Balance

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and unproductive? Do you struggle to stay focused on your goals and maintain balance? Join Jenna Piche of First Light Health and Focus Coaching as she shares the power of intentional routines to help you create more focus, productivity, and balance in your work and personal life. Our futures are built by our habits, whether by design or happenstance. Jenna will outline how rituals multiply the power of simple habits.

By leveraging the power of these 4 intentional routines, you’ll have the tools you need to manage your energy, provide structure for your days, maintain focus, and achieve balance toward a more fulfilling and intentional life.

For the Love of Mondays: How to Prepare for Your Most Productive Work Week

Many of us make the best-laid plans for the week only to be derailed before lunch on Monday, leading to a week of reacting to urgent issues and constant interruptions. This leaves little time for important tasks, making even the most motivated of us feel behind and defeated. Join Jenna Piche of First Light Health and Focus Coaching as she outlines the Weekly Preview, a tool that combines reflection with planning to celebrate successes, learn from failures, and adjust expectations for the upcoming week.

You’ll leave this session with an actionable plan that can be referenced throughout the week, leaving you feeling more grounded and in control.

The Transformative Power of the Ideal Week

While taking life one day at a time is a reassuring notion, it impedes our ability to be intentional about our high-leverage work and priorities. Join Jenna Piche of First Light Health and Focus Coaching as she introduces the concept of the Ideal Week as a tool to transform your workweek She will outline how this tool can help you become more strategic, allowing you to get the right things done and advance your goals. The Ideal Week can significantly improve your performance and help you create boundaries between work and home.

You’ll leave this session with an Ideal Week draft for your own life to help you implement maximum productivity and fulfillment.

Self-Automation: The Missing Link to Maximizing Your Energy and Productivity

While you probably think of machines in the context of automating activities, self-automation is the process of putting certain behaviors on autopilot so they happen automatically. Join Jenna Piche of First Light Health and Focus Coaching as she shares how self-automation can help you accomplish more focus, energy, and healthy work-life balance. She’ll explain the mechanism behind habit formation and the necessary steps to form new habits.

You’ll leave this session with an action plan to create the future you’re dreaming of.


Many people try to set goals but then lose momentum. But we can’t expect to drift to our dream destinations - we need to be intentional. Join Jenna Piche of First Light Health and Focus Coaching as she explains the essentials of how to create clear, inspiring goals and will provide a proven framework for crafting your own. She will then connect annual goal achievement with daily action and accountability to ensure you make progress.

You’ll leave this session with a detailed list of your goals and a renewed vigor for making them happen.

Why Hire Jenna
Full Focus Planner Certified Pro Badge - Black

1) She's a Full Focus Certified Pro:

Jenna knows firsthand the power of the Full Focus Goal Achievement System. By using this system, she was able to achieve her most important goals while still prioritizing her family and her health. As a certified Full Focus Planner Pro, she can teach others how to do the same.

2) She's a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner:

AFDNP LogoJenna's training in functional nutrition gives her a unique perspective on how to restore energy and focus. She understands the impact productivity at work can have on life outside of work, and how stressors outside of work can impact productivity. Her focus on holistic health starts with helping professional women overcome overwhelm at work.

3) She's an experienced marketing and operations executive:

With two decades of experience leading cross-functional teams, Jenna knows how to achieve big goals. She can help your team streamline processes and operations, set priorities, and achieve success.

4) She's an engaging and relatable speaker:

Jenna's personal story of struggling with work-life balance and finding a solution is inspiring and relatable. Her warm and approachable style will engage your audience and leave them feeling connected and motivated.

5) She's passionate about seeing others win:

Jenna's mission is to help professional, career-focused women achieve balance and purpose in their lives. She brings a genuine passion for helping others live to their potential in each event, and her enthusiasm is contagious.


In addition to her professional qualifications, Jenna is also a fun-loving adventurer who loves live music, hiking, kayaking, and game nights. Her dream of living near a mountain and an ocean speaks to her love of nature and her desire for balance in all aspects of her life.

If you're looking for a speaker who can inspire and motivate your audience while providing practical tools for achieving success, Jenna Piche is the perfect choice. Contact her today to book her for your next event!

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